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Surčin municipality adopted symbols on 29th January 2007, after the results of an anonymous contest organized by municipal officials. Authors of winning proposal are Slobodan Stanić and Zoran Stanić.

Flag of Surčin

Design of shield is repeated on municipal banner of arms. Usage is not reported.

Arms of Surćin

Explanation of chosen proposal:

Chosen coat of arms is attractive figurative and symbolic design with descriptive and readable composition of Surčin municipal symbols. Arms is actually a shield with following elements (from bottom to top):

Green tilth field and rising sun on the horizon. Seven stylized wheat ears grow from field, symbolizing our 7 villages. Upper zone is filled with sky bluishness charged with airplain whose wings and engines are reminiscent of roof and chimneys on the house of municipality.

Reč, public bulletin of Surčin municipality, June 2007

Elements of greater form of arms follows standards of Serbian heraldry, but some features collide with heraldry rules, e.g. bluish gradient fill of main field. This form of arms contains banners of arms of Belgrade and Surčin, black rampant horses as supporters, golden mural crown with three visible merlons and ribbon with municipality name on green postament.

Last modified: 14-NOV-2007

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Arms of Surčin

Arms of Surčin

Flag of Surčin

Flag of Surčin

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