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Malo Crniće

Article 6. of municipal Statute:

The Symbols of the Municipality of Malo Crnice are the emblem and the flag. The emblem as a symbol of the Municipality is represented by a slightly rounded rectangular - shaped wheat field, framed by the golden line , at the lower side of which is a red tape with a white inscription writing : “The Municipality of Malo Crnice”.

The Flag as the other symbol of the Municipality is being ratified by a special resolution in accordance with the law and this Statute. The usage of the emblem and the flag of the Municipality is more closely ratified by a special resolution of the Municipality Council, in accordance with the law.

Last modified: 19-NOV-2007

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Arms of Malo Crniće

”Arms”* of Malo Crniće

*Word 'Arms' is written with quotation mark because this is not coat of arms in heraldic sense

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