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Autonomous province of Vojvodina consists of geographic regions: Banat, Bačka and Srem (in physical geographic sense). These regions once had their arms, with motifs now present on official arms of Vojvodina.

Vojvodina's further administrative division consists of 7 administrative districts: 3 in Bačka, 3 in Banat and 1 in Srem. Administrative districts are further divided into municipalities. Novi Sad, as a capital of the province has the status of the City.

Flag of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

Flag is legislated in March 2004. It is horizontal red-blue-white tricolour, with blue stripe as main field, occuppying 4/5 of the flag height, and charged with three yellow five pointed stars.

Arms of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

The Parliament of Vojvodina adopted the coat of arms of the province in 2002.


1. North Bačka District

2. Central Banat District

3. North Banat District

5. West Bačka District

Vojvodina, administrative districts

Vojvodina, administrative districts

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